Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lalala Saturday.

Weekend is here, (finally ~~!!)
Rapid travelling from Melaka to Johor and back to Selangor is tiring ! >_<
Anyways, I went The Curve (...again..) did a little shopping for myself.
There was this Gundam 30th Anniversary thing going on,
and these caught my eye.

SD Gundam RX-78

Gundam RX-78

I won't say what I've bought, but I've bought a heck load of small items XD

Spent the evening hanging out with lilmsthong and bigcow, going from PJ to Subang to Cheras to Subang then back to PJ. Haha XD

Was quite a Saturday for me. XD

to end this post..
here's something..

" Prices Subject To Change According to Customer's Attitude. "
" If you are arrogant, grouchy, irritable, or just a pain in the ass,
there will be a RM10 charge for putting up with your shit "

How awesome is this? This is at some coffee shop somewhere in Johor.
Who says customer is always right? :P


  1. Wtf... Den the boss frenly or not wan?

  2. boss? nope, didn't see anyone that looks like a boss there, i ordered, i ate, and i left..

    but seriously, something like that
    to be up in a coffee shop, that must mean,
    there's a number of johor ppl who are really a pain in the ass, dont u think ?

  3. Ashez, which part of johor? i m a johorean and i m getting defensive :P

    if it's in jb or any town that is easily accessible by singaporean, the sign is prolly for Singaporean

  4. ah yes, .... it must've been for singaporeans then..
    coz, that restaurant is pretty easily accessible by kiasu'eans, .... ooops*

    now that sign makes more sense,
    sorry for judging johor ppl =X